SewerJacks is a Win32 Roguelike written in seven days as part of the 7DRL challenge in March 2007 .

A game inspired by Jervas Johnson's tabletop fantasy football game, Blood Bowl(TM) and William King's Troll Slayer novels.

You play the role of a Sewer Jack, whose job it is to clean the sewers of all nasty inhabitants and ultimately kill the end boss to win the game. You can team up with fellow sewerjacks found lurking in the depths.  

The game is an attempt to convert the rules of Blood Bowl to a roguelike setting.  SewerJacks uses races, skills and the combat system based on Blood Bowl.  

Screen Shots

View the screen shots here.


Get the most recent win32 download here.

Get the source here. Note: This will probably only compile on Windows using Visual C++ 2005. 

You will need to download freetype2 code to build the source. Instructions are here.

Version History

10  Oct  2008    - v0.8.7     More everything.

17  Jan 2008      - v0.8.6      Large interface change and more team based random allies. New blood bowl icon set.

12  Oct 2007     - v0.8.5      Extended addition, added many new features (character/race selection, power-ups etc)

29 May  2007    - v0.8.1      Many minor changes and additions. 

18 March 2007  - v0.7         Original Release